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In ASCL, we focus on offering our sourcing expertise to customers all over the world. Based on the China market, we provide both sourcing office service and international goods trading service for a long period of time. These services let our customers do vertical trade and achieve competitive advantage by working with Chinese suppliers directly.

Customer first - We really know how to offer good & efficient service to worldwide customers. We have been successfully working with European, North & Sourth American, African, Southeast Asian customers for a long time, some are more than 10 years. We help our customer to do audit, negotiate, contract documentation, track mass production, inspect, deal after-sales etc. In the end, customer saves big amount of money from our services.

In sourcing area, we have abundant experiences to help customer create supply base and maintain supply chain in China. All of our members are graduated from universitites with related major. In addition, our standard process can further help control supplier's process and product's quality, to meet all kinds of requirements and standards from our customer.

In engineering area, our technical consultants help customers build their projects in China. More and more companies choose to move their development work in China, and we help them ensure development schedule, make communication and solve technical issues when necessary.

Our mission is to create long-term relationship and provide the best price/performance product, to grow up together with our customers. Sometimes, we are even a department in customer's system. Win-win is the final target of ASCL.

Welcome to continue viewing our website if you are interested in ASCL. Any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are glad to discuss with you anything you want from China.

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