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In export business, export tax rebate is a welfare policy to encourage and support the development of export-oriented manufacturers. Because the volume of import is more than export in the past, hence in order to expand exports, the government eliminated the export tax. At present, most of the foreign companies do not fully understand the tax rebate process, and even many small and medium sized factories and enterprises are not familiar with it. Actual tax rebate is a cumbersome and complex system which involves many areas and departments, such as Foreign Exchange, customs, taxation and so on.

Our tax specialists will assist the client to take the full benefit of the tax rebate in line with the relevant policies.This will not  only reduce cost and will improve product competitiveness in the international market, but also can enhance profits.

Our services have the following advantages:

Our company has a long history and rich experience in foreign trade-
With the growing  foreign trade volume, our professional staff will help the clients to expand their market, reduce trade risk based on their deep understanding to external trading environment, policies and regulations. What’s more, our professional experience and enthusiasm make them to tailor the best solution for our clients according to each of their individual needs.

Our company has a solid financial position with excellent credit and market reputation - 
As an export agent, the most important thing is the agency's financial strength and creditability. So with our strong financial capability, we are much better positioned compare to our peers.

We have a good relationship with government departments, enjoy various preferential policies -
Our company has a good relationship with the various government departments. We have been successively awarded as AA Grade Corporation by tax department. Shenzhen Customs also awarded our company "Customs Coordinator" status, which makes us enjoy the customs of "green channel", through "green channel" we can not only customs clearance faster than many other companies, but also makes the check cargo rate greatly reduced.

Service for tax rebate of export, advance tax - 
In export business, tax rebate can be a vital part to boost profitability.However  tax rebate is cumbersome and complex in nature, which involves many areas and departments, such as foreign exchange authority, customs and taxation and so on. Our company has a rich experience in tax, so you can give your tax work handled by our company to reducing the burden on business and make it more efficiency at the same time. More importantly, we will pay the tax rebate to you in advance. to assist your cash flows.

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