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• The collection of foreign exchange (TT / LC / DP / DA collection), and paid to the factory in RMB in two working days. Our company has a strong financial position, a good reputation, a specificity payment process; all of this can give you a strong guarantee.

• Professional in handling of the credit receipts. We can pay a part of payment to the factory in advance as part of the deposit once we get the original L/C.

• Prompt in processing of various export documents, such as certificate C / O, Pratt & Whitney cards FORM A, free sales certificate, the embassy certification documents and so on.

• Customs agents. Since my company has a "Customs Coordinator qualification" and enjoy the "green channel” of customs, and we have been approved by the Customs as "paperless customs clearance" units, the absolute advantage mentioned above can totally ensure your goods clearance timely.
• Arrangements of sea freight, air freight and trailer.

• Tax rebates paid in advanced. Export tax rebate can decrease costs for goods, improve competitiveness of commodities in international market and enhance profits. But tax rebate is a very cumbersome process, our professional staffs are familiar with this process and we have a VIP channel in Inland Revenue, so we can greatly increase the success of tax rebate.

• We provide business consulting to helps audit the foreign trade contract and to avoid the trap of foreign trade.

• We can provide export agent processing.

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